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Bad music

Here is a list of particuarly bad bands I have liked over the span of many years:
*Fine Young Cannibals (everyone got excited about them and then it seems they disappeared)
*Deep Blue Something (another band everyone seemed to get excited about for a minute. I guess they took the money and ran)
*Travis (excitement for a moment. Then I realized every song after their initial hit sucked)
*Marilyn Manson (probably because I saw them play with NIN before they were famous. Marilyn was so weird and the audience wondered "who the heck is this guy" It wore off after a while, I think he should have retired after three years. I actually bought a "remix" cd of his songs. I was young! It was ten years ago!)
*Bush (why? why?)
I didn't understand the whole Korn phenomenon for about ten years. My best friend would make me sit thru their first cd, and make me listen to it over & over and explain each song to me. So a year ago I decided to give them a chance. "Hmm perhaps they arent'bad. Then I came to, and realized that almost every song sounds the same.
*Ocean Colour Scene- I think they put some kind of hypnotizing spell on me if I see their video. Afterwards I ask myself why do I like them? It was a sweet mystery of life that I solved by stopping listening to them
Don't even get me started on the 80's.
And oh yeah. Divinyls! Everyone's guilty secret!
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