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do we start with introductional confessions?

hi, i'm marge and i have liked some truly cringeworthy bands in the past.

i once bought a ticket to see kula shaker at the brixton academy, but by the day of the gig i was so no longer keen to go i only finally got there about half past nine as i'd paid 15 quid for a ticket and found that the touts were trying to give tickets away free outside because they couldnt shift them.

i tried to sell the cd on e-bay and sold it for 99p to someone in canada and after accidentally not putting insurance on the post i had to give him a complete refund and thus ended up spending another fiver getting rid of the album.

i saw shed seven at the forum. it was pants, i sat at the back on the stairs and tried not to fall asleep. again, i'd paid silly money for a ticket. my boyfriend later refused to let them into a clubnight in york because they were wankers.

i bought the first two korn albums and three marilyn manson albums in a moment of insanity and boredom where i accidentally started reading kerrang regularly. i also saw type o negative at the astoria.

i saw a band called engine alley three times in one week after accidentally ending up at their gig at ULU thinking I was going to see CNN

my first ever live gig was Europe, when i was 12.

i bought the album that was recorded by "presence" the really shit band that lol tolhurst formed after being thrown out of the cure. and then i bought it again because the US version had a different cover and i didnt realise the songs were all the same inside.

i think i once bought a soupdragons album.

i bought the first two oasis albums, after theyd become annoyingly famous. then i realised they were complete wankers.

admittedly, most of the other cringeworthy and embarrasing music i bought in the past, i still like.

unlike my other half though, i don't own any vixen picture discs.
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unlike my other half though, i don't own any vixen picture discs.

I remember a charity shop in the bus station in Bedford had loads of those in the window once.
did it have to close down due to scaring potential customers away?

my boyfriend later refused to let them into a clubnight in york because they were wankers.

They're like... York celebrities. I used to go to a boarding school there, and when I was taking the exams to get in, I stayed in a B&B that had pictures/newspaper cuttings of Shed Seven everywhere. Apparently they stayed there once, or something. It was crazy.
And this was in like, 2001/2002, so not even when they were still "big".
yes, the time they tried to get into "afterlife" (local monthly goth night back in late nineties) they were going "don't you know who we are? we're in shed seven!" which led to an even more solid refusal of entry.....

Awwww Kula Shaker were always good live :D Shed seven though-I tried to make myself like them live as they have a few decent hits but urgh they were pants.
i vaguely remember some seriously oversized comedy maraccas.....

hey, now, don't knock on Oasis. They weren't that bad. And Type O Negative is pretty funny sometimes.
Oasis is still around. And they're awesome.
type-o are also still around.

and i think you might have misspely that last adjective....



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Europe! come on! Man, that must've been a well cool first gig, I'm envious.
well it wouldve been cool had i not been wearing a very warm padded winter jacket thruout as i didnt know that there'd be nowhere to put it so i kind of dissolved.

i actually saw a norwegian boyband at an afternoon gig (our teacher let us leave early because school is like that in norway)before but they dont really count...

i turned down the chance to see a-ha as i felt they were over-exposed by then. europe were still doing local scandianavian tours, it was only around the time of that tour that the final countdown became a hit in the uk.... no one else plays anywhere except oslo in norway, well, not if theyre actually famous.

"i think i once bought a soupdragons album."

hahahahaha that was cute.
actually, im beginning to think i never did, because i dont recall ever listening to it.

i did buy the second Cud album though.

.....and i only own the third, not very good Wonderstuff album.

okay with that I have to friend you okies?


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who is cud?


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