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do we start with introductional confessions?

hi, i'm marge and i have liked some truly cringeworthy bands in the past.

i once bought a ticket to see kula shaker at the brixton academy, but by the day of the gig i was so no longer keen to go i only finally got there about half past nine as i'd paid 15 quid for a ticket and found that the touts were trying to give tickets away free outside because they couldnt shift them.

i tried to sell the cd on e-bay and sold it for 99p to someone in canada and after accidentally not putting insurance on the post i had to give him a complete refund and thus ended up spending another fiver getting rid of the album.

i saw shed seven at the forum. it was pants, i sat at the back on the stairs and tried not to fall asleep. again, i'd paid silly money for a ticket. my boyfriend later refused to let them into a clubnight in york because they were wankers.

i bought the first two korn albums and three marilyn manson albums in a moment of insanity and boredom where i accidentally started reading kerrang regularly. i also saw type o negative at the astoria.

i saw a band called engine alley three times in one week after accidentally ending up at their gig at ULU thinking I was going to see CNN

my first ever live gig was Europe, when i was 12.

i bought the album that was recorded by "presence" the really shit band that lol tolhurst formed after being thrown out of the cure. and then i bought it again because the US version had a different cover and i didnt realise the songs were all the same inside.

i think i once bought a soupdragons album.

i bought the first two oasis albums, after theyd become annoyingly famous. then i realised they were complete wankers.

admittedly, most of the other cringeworthy and embarrasing music i bought in the past, i still like.

unlike my other half though, i don't own any vixen picture discs.
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